Friday, February 26, 2016

Haunted Bed and Breakfast

History of Center Street Suites Bed and Breakfast
Mt. Vernon, Missouri     

     The property now known as Center Street Suites Bed and Breakfast has a long history of ownership. Record of the property first appears in Lawrence County Probate Court records in 1840 when the land was given to Judge Wad H. Stroud as part of his pay. The property was sold several times until 1930 when Ruth and Dr. Hal D. Fossett bought the property. It then became the site of the Fossett Funeral Home.
     The Fossetts and their son, Max, lived in part of the home while using the other for the business. Dr. Fossett prepared the bodies for burial in the basement. During the funeral, the body was displayed in the hallway beneath the Victorian staircases. In 1941, Max joined his father in the family business.
     In 1951, both Ruth and Hal D. Fossett filed for a divorce. Ruth claimed Hal was insane. Hal claimed his wife had tried to poison him on several occasions. After a lengthy trial, the court dismissed the petition, giving neither party a divorce. The bitter trial led to the break up of the father and son relationship. In 1951, Max left the family business and opened his own funeral home one block away on West Cherry Street. Dr. Fosset died in 1966, and the property was sold in 1968.
     The property changed hands several more times. It was opened as Center Street Suites Bed and Breakfast in 2009 by the present owner, Alice Phillips.

The Haunting of Center Street Suites 

Picture taken during haunted tour of the establishment in 2014. The picture was taken in the attic by one of the participants. Notice ghost-like figure of a young girl over the shoulder of the blond young woman and orbs overhead.

     Alice Phillips (owner) has received chilling accounts of explainable events and occurrences from people who have lived in the house or visited the bed and breakfast.

Throughout House
·       People have heard a man and woman fighting. The woman is crying.
·       A tobacco scent of some sort, like a sweet pipe tobacco, has been smelled. People often hear knocking late at night.

Colonial Room (once used as a children’s toy room now a downstairs suite)
·       A young girl that had died of polio in the early 1900's has been seen in the room as a ghostlike figure.
·       A figure of a woman has been seen with a Victorian style dress and light brown/blondish hair standing on the steps of the staircase. The woman does not appear as a ghost like figure. She appears as a whole person. The color and material of her clothing, shoes, and hair are clearly visible. 
·       A soldier in full dress has been seen standing at the foot of the stairs.
·       Many people have witnessed the two antique wooden rockers, one shaped like a train and one shaped like an airplane, rocking in full momentum on their own as if someone was riding them. 

Rose Suite
·       Several guests have heard light footsteps overhead in the attic.
·       Some guests report hearing faint music playing.

Royal Suite
·       The manager of the suites has had the bedroom door automatically close behind her.
·       She has also found the TV remote and guide in the center of the bedroom floor.

Princess Suite
·       Guests have reported being awakened late at night by knocking at their suite door.

·       People have heard things falling in the attic and yet nothing is found. 
·       Neighbors have reported seeing a ghost-like figure staring out of the attic window.
·       Neighbors have reported seeing a soft-glowing sphere in the attic window.

·       Sometimes, even though the door to the basement has been UNLOCKED, people are not able to open the door. 
·       Voices muttering have been heard coming from the basement.

Carriage House
·        The prior owner reported a presence of something in the carriage house. He told Alice Phillips at the closing of escrow that he had spent $40,000.00 upgrading the home, but he felt that the home did not like him, and he had to move.

Historical Cemetery (behind Center Street Bed and Breakfast)
·       Ghost-like figures of soldiers on horses have been seen galloping from the cemetery over into the lower open area of the property; this has been witnessed by the neighbors.
·       White orbs have been seen zipping through the cemetery.

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