Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dark Side Series

CC Brown has crafted two edgy paranormal novels in the Dark Side Series with a third on the way. The stories are set in the real world, the world as we know it…with a small twist; creatures that go bump in the night. The trilogy takes the reader on an action-packed journey filled with dark secrets, night creatures, and electrifying passions as good battles evil.

Book #1 in Dark Side Series

     Black Widow Society

The sacred relic of the undead... the Vampire Bible has fallen into the hands of a paranormal-artifact dealer, Koleen O’Brien. An eBay bid and an annual vacation lead Koleen and her five friends to San Antonio to deliver the book to a wealthy Texan. They are clueless to the fact that a pack of blood-thirsty vampires are stalking them to reclaim the Bible. Immortals meet their match as they discover that these women aren't typical mortals; they're members of the Black Widow Society! 
Black Widow Society is available at

Favorite Quotes from Black Widow Society

"Just a friendly warning: the forces of spiritual darkness are nothing to trifle with. Vampires do exist, no matter what the so-called scientific, modern minds might say, and they ARE dangerous!" -Koleen, member of the Black Widow Society and owner of the Vampire Bible

"My investors believe the Vampire Bible holds all the secrets of the world of the unleaded." -Eastman, wealthy Texan hell bent on acquiring the Vampire Bible

"Ibuprofen, check. Antacid tablets, check. Sharpened, wooden stakes, double check." - Angel, member of the Black Widow Society

Book #2 in Dark Side Series

 Wolf Stone

The women of the Black Widow Society are hoping to enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the Redwood Forest on their annual adventure vacation. Instead, they find themselves pursued by an ancient pack of shape shifting wolves led by the powerful and mysterious Dmitri. As Mona and her friends travel by train, motorcycle, and dune buggy, the Zuni wolf fetish hanging from Mona’s neck attracts danger at every turn. In a clash between worlds, will the werewolves be a match for the deadly Black Widow Society? Wolf Stone is available from Red Orchid Publishing at and