Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Vampires vs. Werewolves

Favorite Quotes from Wolf Stone
Members of the Black Widow Society

     "Have you noticed that werewolves have great abs?" Angel asked remembering the werewolf standing naked in the   demolished doorway of the train.
     Financially embarrassed after her big losses at the Chinook Casino, Raven focused on the hidden cost associated with werewolves. "You'd have to take up coupon clipping to afford the tick and flea powder for their shaggy asses."
     Consider this, urged Jaylyn, digging her toes deeper into the sand, "Try taking a vampire to a restaurant. There's nothing they can order off the menu."
     "Yeah, they're worse than vegetarians," Angel spat.
     Mona didn't hesitate, "The vamps win hands down! Dark hair, magnetic eyes, and prefect bodies; vampires are sexy!"
     Raven shivered and said, "I don't care how "hot" a vampire is; he's still a walking corpse!"

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